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Shiny Green Paint

Paint Correction Services In Portland 

To restore the shine of your paint, you need to eliminate any imperfections.

Remove Swirl Marks For The Ultimate Glossy and Clear Paint Job

A great service to make your paint shine

Our 2-step paint correction service is designed to eliminate approximately 80% of the swirls, scratches, and blemishes on your paint. To achieve the highest possible gloss and clarity from your paintwork.

Depending on your car's condition and age, some scratches may not be removable due to depth or thinning clear coat. We'll measure the paint and decide what to do.

When assessing what imperfections we can safely remove from your paint, we make careful judgement calls. It's not just about removing as many as possible, but also about knowing when enough is enough. Our goal is to keep the integrity of the paint healthy and within good working boundaries.

New vehicles, only 4 months old, may require a 2-step correction service for their paint due to extensive transportation and handling by various people in different locations.

When you opt for our 2-step paint correction, you are essentially committing to your vehicle. However, it's important to keep in mind that even after the service is complete, you need to maintain the vehicle properly if you want to preserve the shine of your car's paint. Not doing so can easily lead to the reappearance of swirls and scratches in just a few washes. Therefore, it is crucial to ensure that you wash and dry the vehicle correctly to avoid any damage to the paint.

If you are looking to sell your vehicle and want to make the paint look its best for potential buyers, our Level 1 polishing or Wash and Wax services are great options.

Our 2-Step Paint Correction Process

Clean Wheels, Tires, and Fenders.


Start with a thorough cleaning of the wheel faces, barrels, tires, and inner fender liner.

Gentle Foam Hand Wash


Vehicle receives a thorough hand wash with foam, including the jambs, gas cap, and paint de-bugging.

Chemically Remove Iron Particles


To ensure a clean surface, we remove iron particles from your car's paint using a chemical decontamination process.

Clay Bar


The next step to achieving a clean surface is to use a clay bar treatment, which removes any embedded dirt and debris, leaving your paint feeling smooth.

Tape Off Sensitive Areas


To prevent polish build up or staining, we will carefully tape off and protect all trim, chrome, and other sensitive areas.​


Step 1: Compound Phase (Correction)

Safely remove swirls and scratches from paint with a machine polisher, cutting disc, and compound.

Step 2: Polishing Phase (Polish)


This process polishes micro-scratches left from compounding, increasing shine and clarity.

Paint Wipe Down


To inspect the true condition, wipe away any leftover polish residue that could hide imperfections in the paint.

Apply Paint Protection


Based on your chosen protection, we will apply a wax, sealant, or durable ceramic coating.

Dress Tires, Plastic & Trim


Exterior plastic and trim will be dressed in black finish to match tires, fenders and trim for a sleek look.

Clean Exterior Windows & Mirrors


We will ensure that all exterior surfaces are streak-free after cleaning the glass.

This service can take between 8 to 14 hours depending on your car's condition and desired results.

A great addition to our service is our Full Interior Cleaning, which will transform both the interior and exterior of your vehicle.


Price may vary based on the size and condition of the vehicle. These are general price ranges.



(Toyota Camry/Range Rover)


(Large SUV/Truck)



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